: OEM Second/third row LCD screen prewired?

04-28-12, 05:23 PM

i have a 2007 Base Escalade without Navigation and without rear LCD screens. I am planing to upgrade to an OEM or aftermarket Navigation unit. Are the wires already there to connect the screen plug and play, or do i have to winstall the wires from the head unit to the lcd screen in second and third row?

Additionally i have the OEM rear view camera from a wrecked car. Same question: is everything pre wired?

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04-28-12, 07:06 PM
I copied this post.

At the time the only truck near me had no nav and pulled the trigger knowing I would change it out.

Someone here recommended a seller on ebay. I don't think it was sold as new but looked perfect and works perfect it was $1000. But when I go to sell I think its a big deal to have the stock screen compared to the ugly aftermarket ones with the dashboard kits that look far from stock.

It was the person I believe


I recommend them fast shipping was packed well looks good had over a year now. You send in your VIN and they pre-program so it doesn't lock you out when you try to turn it on the first time and have to go to dealership and pay at least $100 even if they know how. Mine worked right off the bat no issue ever.

I did the gmx-550 at the same time since everything will be out already

04-29-12, 06:43 AM
Thanks for the post!

However, it doesnt say if the wires for second and third row LCD screens are already there.... Does somebody know?

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04-29-12, 01:59 PM
Unfortunately, I dont think that it is pre wired. The wiring is part of the headliner and if there are no screens, the wiring will not be there.