View Full Version : Any Escalade Clubs in Toronto?

N V myCaddy
11-24-04, 02:01 AM
Can anyone tell me if there is a Cadillac Escalade club in Toronto? I would like to join one if you know of one and if there isn't one, then I would like to start one up.(Anyone interested) :wave:
I have a 2002 black Escalade Ext with some work done to it, I think it would be a good idea to meet other Escalade owners at a coffee shop or parking lot to talk about our trucks and things that we have done or maybe thinking of doing to them, or even start up a cruse night, that would be cool to see a line of Escalade coming down the street eh.:thumbsup:

11-24-04, 11:24 AM
I am sometimes around the Timmy at Caledonia and bentworth north of lawerence. I have the Black EXT. If you are there come by and say HI

N V myCaddy
11-24-04, 03:23 PM
Sounds good, I’m not too far from you. What time and day do you normally go? Are you the only Escalade that hags out there or do others drop by?

11-25-04, 02:47 PM
I think an Escalade Club in Toronto would be a great idea. I don't know of too many Escalade owners around here. I have a 2002 black escalade and would be interested. Let me know....

N V myCaddy
11-25-04, 07:50 PM
Hey Anatomyboy if you are up for it, one of these days we can meet up at the Timmy on Caledonia and Bentworth, I believe that’s where Sta11ion said he hags out and if you guys want, we’ll all go for a cruise.(Anyone else interested, Let us know)
:burn: :burn: :burn:

07-09-12, 04:53 PM
Hi I have a 2011 black Escalade have put some stuff on it. It would be cool to finally get a Escalade crew running what do you guys say.