: need a quote on these parts shipped please

04-27-12, 10:24 PM
rear body panel(1) 12373353 i think
hood insulator(1) 25756699 i think
insulator retainer (10) 20064875 i think
wiper arm R 25713952 i think
L 12463026 i think
wiper arm cap (2) 12367275 pretty sure

no hurry take your time thanks jeff

04-28-12, 12:18 PM

your part numbers are correct, but there are a couple issues

first, the left (driver's) side wiper arm is discontinued ... there is one dealer in the nation that still shows it in stock on my parts locator
i can get you their phone number so you can purchase it directly from them for about $63 plus shipping

also, the rear panel is going to be a problem since it's pretty big and heavy and will cost a lot to ship... we have a policy of not shipping these types of sheet metal parts since there often will be problems
you should probably just get it locally... it looks like you'll only end up spending about $50 more... plus you'll get it quicker

the hood insulator is also in a pretty large box which drives up the shipping costs... i can save you about $40 off of the list price ($160) but then shipping it will cost about $25 so it might be another good candidate for local acquisition

i can sell you the right (passenger) side wiper arm for $39 and the caps for $4.39 each
shipping for those items would run $10-$15

let me know if you have any questions,

04-28-12, 10:53 PM
yeah i will take their number and give me yours i will call you to order

04-30-12, 10:39 AM
The dealer with the wiper arm is Robert Green Chevrolet in Monticello, NY - (845)794-6161

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