: Cloudy Midnight Sapele Wood Trim no warranty?

04-25-12, 07:19 PM
Dropped off my 2011 V-Coupe at the dealer for it's first service today. So far the car has been great, with the only complaint I have is the Midnight Sapele wood trim on the door panels is cloudy. There is a bluish fog in the clear finish that looks bad. I believe this is called "bloom" or "blush" in the woodworking industry. It is due to improper application of the clear coat.

The service guy just called me and said "Cadillac is aware of the problem with the cloudy wood trim, and is working on a fix. There is no ETA for the fix, and they can't replace them under warranty because the new ones will do the same thing".

That answer makes me think Cadillac believes it is an age related problem. I don't think so, I bet there are new ones on the shelf that are cloudy, and I'll also bet there are nice ones that will never cloud. Mine were cloudy from day one, but I didn't notice it for a few days.

Either way, I don't like the answer. Anyone else have cloudy wood trim?


04-26-12, 10:55 AM
I ordered it from the dealer & installed myself. Then I noticed a couple pieces were cloudy. Replaced under warranty. I had the same issue with a piece on my 2000 STS back in 2001, also replaced under warranty.

It does seem like the current trim has more cloudy pieces than it should (of the 9 I ordered, 2 were really bad, 1 iffy, and one of the replacements is also iffy). I'll complain about all that right before my warranty expires.

04-26-12, 11:04 AM
On the same topic of trim pieces; does anybody make a carbon fiber package that covers the door pieces (4 uppers on the sedans)? I'd prefer to migrate well away from wood altogether. I've seen plenty of companies making kits via a Google search, but none include the door uppers and it sort of defeats the purpose to cover the center panel, then have wood on the doors (i.e. mis-match).

May have to go the Di Noc route, but that has to be cut by hand.

04-26-12, 11:15 AM
like this ?


04-26-12, 11:20 AM
It might not be age related...they may be holding off simply because they don't have a solution in place yet. They've gotta come up with either a new process or new materials/coatings and test them out to be sure they are reliable. My understanding is that cloudiness in finishes like this are often due to either moisture problems or the release of oils in certain woods and is often species-specific. When the finish absorbs oils or water during the curing process, it can cause this. Which is why even new trim shows this problem.

I don't have experience specifically with the Caddy trim pieces, but I ran a remodeling and custom cabinetry business for many years and saw similar problems. It was often exotic woods, humidity or application inconsistencies, and other issues that caused this.

04-26-12, 11:39 AM
sounds to me like they're saying that they haven't got this fixed yet and if you get new ones they'll be from the same production run as your current ones and they'll have the same problem

so they're saying to wait for the new 'fixed' parts to be manufactured ... since it is a time related issue it will probably take a bit longer for them to come up with a solution since they'll want to test the new parts

as long as you've got it documented you'll be okay even if they don't come out with the fix until you are out of warranty

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-26-12, 12:50 PM
I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience, Scott! Please feel free to ask me for trim updates in the future (my email is Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com), and I'm happy to check my resources on your behalf.


Cadillac Customer Service

04-26-12, 05:18 PM
Thanks for the responses. Ok, now I've got my complaint documented, we'll see if they get the wood finish problem resolved in the future. When I went to
pickup my V, the dealer had brought a new unsold V-Coupe around to the service dept. to show me that it had the same cloudy trim as mine. That helped reinforce that they knew about the problem, and unfortunately were still shipping cars with the cloudy trim.

04-26-12, 05:37 PM
That's the same shit they say about the supercharger rattle, sunroof creak, and recaro squeak.