: 2007 Base Escalade upgrades

04-25-12, 03:28 PM
Hey guys

Just got the wife a 2007 escalade and it doesn't have the navigation stereo or backup camera, I was wondering if all i had to do was buy the headunit with navigation and plug and play, or does it require new dash harness?? also is the wiring for the backup camera in its location or do i have to buy it and run it from the front to back??? Thanks guys

04-25-12, 11:17 PM
Do a search. The radio is plug and play with a reprogram. The backup camera is possible also.

04-26-12, 12:17 PM
Here you go


04-26-12, 12:54 PM
Thanks guys

04-27-12, 12:22 PM
Dont go to a dealer... $2900 for the system and camera installed. Just go pioneer avic and get bluetooth audio + phone, DVD while in motion and way better navigation for half the price

04-27-12, 04:56 PM
I copied this post.

At the time the only truck near me had no nav and pulled the trigger knowing I would change it out.

Someone here recommended a seller on ebay. I don't think it was sold as new but looked perfect and works perfect it was $1000. But when I go to sell I think its a big deal to have the stock screen compared to the ugly aftermarket ones with the dashboard kits that look far from stock.

It was the person I believe


I recommend them fast shipping was packed well looks good had over a year now. You send in your VIN and they pre-program so it doesn't lock you out when you try to turn it on the first time and have to go to dealership and pay at least $100 even if they know how. Mine worked right off the bat no issue ever.

I did the gmx-550 at the same time since everything will be out already