View Full Version : Anyone want to do a trackday up at Watkins Glen ???

04-24-12, 08:42 PM
I'm trying to set something up for the V guys to run up at The Glen
Just want to see what date(s) would work for most before I get group pricing, etc
School/Instructors will be included
2 different run groups: 1 Open Track and 1 Student

Anyways lets see what date works best

1 - June 4th (Monday)
2 - June 5th (Tuesday)
3 - July 25th (Wednesday)
4 - July 26th (Thursday)
5 - August 27th (Monday)
6 - August 28th (Tuesday)
7 - October 3rd (Wednesday)
8- October 4th (Thursday)

04-25-12, 10:28 AM
Post up some votes. You can vote on more than 1 date too.

Pricing will be under $300 for the day and we can do a 2 day event if there is enough interest

Qualified open track guys are probably looking at 4 hours worth of track time. Beginner/Novice probably 2 on track/2 in class

04-26-12, 02:14 AM
Before you kill your self We have a big event in the works over the summer at the Glen. I don't want to stop you from holding your own event but if you would like to speak about this send me an email and we can get on the phone. Would like to work together on this especially if you are somewhat local to the track.

Not really making a big production out of it. I'm close friends with the family that owns/runs the school there. They offered up the schedule for a gathering.
I'm all for more track time so let me know what help you need and I can put yas in touch...