: 3.6 and 3.0 cts CAI

04-24-12, 07:00 PM
Can anyone fill me in on why the 3.6 CAI will not fit on a 3.0 cts? It's hard for me to believe that GM made the air intake different.

04-27-12, 02:05 PM
Been trying to get this info, but haven't gotten a response. I can't find any CAI's for the 2012 3.6 yet

04-27-12, 03:33 PM
Call AIRAID and talk to Mark. He is very helpful

04-27-12, 05:00 PM
I posted their response to the 2012 3.6 in my other thread. They said they have nothing and have no current plans for anything.

Panzer Leader
06-24-12, 08:18 PM
Try ROTO-FAB they made a CAI for the 3.6 G8.