: why does cadillac not pimp the race cars as much as corvette with selling posters etc

04-22-12, 11:43 PM
wish caddy would be selling some posters and shirts etc... for the V racing team like the vette teams do but cant seem to find any v2 racing gear or posters anywhere.

does anyone have any good leads?

04-23-12, 12:56 AM
Ask and you shall receive...


04-23-12, 04:35 AM
You mean something like this?


You gotta go to the races (or one of the major international auto shows) for the free Cadillac Racing T-Shirts. I have a friend that is selling Team Cadillac baseball caps(signed or unsigned) from last year. Torxilla has some contacts that he might share - he brought a box of the Cadillac Racing T-Shirts to the Woodward Dream Cruise last year. Oh yeah, the Cadillac Performance Driving Experience also brings a truck with Cadillac apparel. As a last resort you can always go to http://www.cadillaccollection.com/

04-26-12, 09:54 PM
yes that poster is sweet.

04-27-12, 12:38 AM
yes that poster is sweet.

Yeah, but small. I don't think its even 8 1/2x11. Andy and Johnny were kind enough to sign it and my hat for me last year.

04-27-12, 04:58 PM
My garage needs my V1 posters taken down and replaced by large V2 posters!!!!! The Cadillac Racing jackets look really nice, tho.


04-27-12, 05:20 PM
don't forget the cadillac racing website


woah, how did i miss post #2 ... oops ... well it looks like we've got all our a bases covered now