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04-22-12, 09:23 PM
Well it's been about a year since my last post. Thought I would update everyone. Before going for my run last year I decided to go on the highway and check everything one more time. Pushed it and thought I blew the tranny. Was super busy and didn't have time to mess with it so just stabled the car for most of summer. Jim(the guy who has helped me on this project from beginning) has experience in trannys now so we decided to tear it down ourselves. Tore it apart over the winter and to our surprise there was nothing wrong with the tranny. I had been beating on this thing hard for 6 months and you could still see "borg warner" on the clutches. We were very impressed. Jeff Ianitello of Engineered Performance built the tranny for me along with the LSD and I would highly recommend him. Turns out I blew up the converter and sheared the nut off the main shaft of the turbo all at the same time. It was a cheap turbo so I had a custom 70mm built and had the converter beefed up to handle 800hp.

After getting it back together I decided to shed as much weight as possible so in my spare time started to strip the car. Was able to lose 500lbs. Unhooked ride sensors so shocks fully inflated, put 2" skinnys on the back and put 11.5x28x16" slicks on the front. Whole setup looked pretty jank but was going for time and speed, not looks. OH MY GOD it pulled like a raped ape. Best time was 11.24 @124mph spinning the slicks thru 1st and 2nd. We determined that given the weight of the car, front wheel drive and that much power it just was not going to hook. But with that ET and MPH it is definitely a 10 second car. Decided to retire from the track, put the car back together and just enjoy it now that I know what it can do. Finally met my goal.

Was on highway about month ago and came up on a Rossion Q1. I was only running 15lbs of boost and stayed head to head with him til he backed off at 110mph. If I'd been running 20lbs of boost I would have walked away from him big time. Let me tell you he was pissed off. Car is running perfect.

May be looking to sell her and move on to another project.

Here is a link to video of car.

Have had over 330,000 hits on the original video.

99 STS

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Youtube link is NFG.

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Try it now

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WELL DONE!! That is one sick STS!

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Hey, Mark - Good to hear from you again..............more nice work.

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You don't even want to KNOW how much time and money has gone into this piece of engineering magic over the past 3 (???) years ! .........from Mark's post it now appears that, track development work being finished, the car has been detuned enough to be a fun street driver. Truly a great sleeper.

04-26-12, 10:15 AM
The trick is to keep it in one piece. Maybe a little spray'll get it into the 10's?

Ever seen a block guard for a Northstar? Like for the Hondas.

04-26-12, 10:48 AM
Ever seen a block guard for a Northstar? Like for the Hondas.

That setup for the Honda can't be a mass production guard - wonder if the Northstar could be opened and toughened up like that - but Mark has been doing some extreme power runs on the 'stock' Northstar block and to the best of my knowledge has not blown one yet. The lower end uses a full girdle with 20 crank bearing cap bolts.........

Speedygman has built wild Northstars using parts from CHRFAB, but the engines go into '32 Ford coupes and other vintage rods - RWD setups. This FWD Northstar setup is one tricky sucker to get into/work around. With about 2 more inches of front end ground clearance a set of down-and-under headers enters the picture, no cats, Siamesed twin pipe to past the gas tank, then you go to a standalone engine management system and start tuning.

04-26-12, 11:22 AM
That setup for the Honda can't be a mass production guard
Yea it is. I installed one for a customer a few weeks ago. Looks like it works good for JUG stabilization.

04-26-12, 12:08 PM
What happened to the original youtube video?