: SoCal MEET *Feeler Thread*

04-21-12, 08:52 PM
Saturday June 9, 2012

Meeting spot is going to be the Mobile gas station off HWY 76/ I-15 at 9:30AM

We'll meet up at the park and ride, hang out for a little bit and then go for a drive down the 76 to the 79 past palomar mountain then through the 79 into temecula. The trip will be about 30 miles and the scenery is great. Lots of people with all sorts of cars, bikes , etc. cruise this route.

End spot will be a bar called Hard Hats in temecula. They have good food and schooner beers with lots of selection on tap. Plus the girls dress in lingerie.

Post if if you can make it, or are thinking about cruising out. Last time we had about 8 or 9 show up on short notice; so i'm hoping some more will come this time.



04-25-12, 06:50 AM
Thanks for posting this combination meet & drive.
Sounds like it'll be a good one!
If only I were a little closer. :(

04-28-12, 01:39 PM
yeah, you are a little distant. : /