: Rear Seat Shoulder Belt for '78 SDV

11-22-04, 09:27 PM
My recently acquired 1978 Sedan DeVille does not have shoulder belts in the rear seat. This was an option in '78 (according to the owners manual, I think).

Do you have rear seat shoulder belts in your '77-79 DeVille or FW? If so, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know where the top of the belt is mounted.


barge master
11-24-04, 07:37 AM
I think 88 was the first year they were a standard item. They could be grafted in I'm sure.

Night Wolf
11-24-04, 08:42 PM
they were optional.... once you put the lap belt on, there was a little hook type thing that the shoulder would would slide out and latch onto (ont he bucle) some newer cars have this type of system for the middle seat in the back......