: Wire wheel cover advice needed!

04-19-12, 10:02 PM
Well, I got a great deal on five wire wheel covers for my '88 Eldorado. They are in pretty decent shape. Never since I owned the car has it had hubcaps of any kind. It instead had alloy rims off a '96 Deville.

I decided to return it to stock and bought used 14" steel rims with tires included. Then I bought the wheel covers. Of course, they came without the locks or a locking tool. This is not a problem for me because I am a machinist and if I can't find locks I can just make them. It would help if I had even ONE so I don't have to reverse engineer too much.

The center hole on the wheel cover is threaded and takes a special wrench to turn the movable part that the threaded hole goes through. I've never seen a wire wheel lock up close but there must be a threaded stud that you screw the wheel cover to with the special wrench.

So here's the question:
If I'm making the wheel locks anyway, can't I just put a threaded hole in the lock and then attach the wheel cover with a bolt that is small enough to fit through the existing threaded hole? I understand this makes them easier to steal, but maybe I could use torx screws.

Sound reasonable?

04-21-12, 11:47 AM
Well no responses, but I managed to get two on the car. I found bracket cones at the junkyard but they were the wrong ones. They stuck out way too far. I solved this issue by beating the hell out of them. Now they sit low enough.:D Beating them broke the nut plate out of the center, but that turned out to be a good thing. I replaced that with an 8mm nut that was tapped into a 1/2 washer. this was then wedged into the hole that was left from the nut plate. I then screwed an 8mm button head allen bolt into the rotating nut in the hubcap. I was then able to screw the hubcap onto the cone. I thought I was done but the center cap wouldn't snap on. The head on the allen bolt stuck up too high. I solved this problem by removing the allen bolt and using a hand grinder to shorten the rotating nut. I then screwed the allen bolt back into the nut and reinstalled the hubcap. Then the center cap snapped into place. The rest is history.

If this sounds like a lot of screwing around, it is, but I refused to give up. I still have two more to go.:)

04-22-12, 10:38 PM
i think GM used dozens of different styles and heights... last two I tried swapping around were a freaking nightmare. Post a pic or two

04-23-12, 06:34 PM
i think GM used dozens of different styles and heights... last two I tried swapping around were a freaking nightmare. Post a pic or two

Sure. I'll have them off tomorrow because the car is going in for an alignment and to have the tires balanced. I bought the tires used and I can tell they're off a bit. I'm not going to expect the tire guy to figure out how to get the wheel covers off. The brackets are ugly but you don't see them and they WORK.