: Boiling Over

11-22-04, 06:20 PM
I have a problem with my 1994 caddy fleetwood brougham boiling over after it is shut off. looking for the problem. Replaced radiator,temp sens.,both fans, relays, and the relay harness. the seconadary cooling fan doesn't come at the right time. Refered to Chiltons repair manual, with no results. I did find out that the cooling system has to be bleed, I have located one 1 of 2 bleeding valves. I located the one on the water pump housing, but the book says there is another one on the heater hose assembly. If anyone could help with this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

11-22-04, 08:55 PM
It definately sounds like air in your system. I only used the bleeder on the water pump with good results twice. I would recomend changing the pressure cap on the resovoir also. When bleeding the system put a rag under the pump so that not too much antifreeze falls onhte opti-spark...