: shock options for better ride around town

04-18-12, 01:19 PM
I have 90k on my 07 V1 and the stock FE4 shocks/springs and it feels like they are at the end of their life(aka no longer wife approved) but they are not leaking. I do the bounce test and the spring is still slightly moving the car a bit after 1.5 cycles. I am looking at the shock options, replace stock FE4, upgrade to FG2, either with or without ground control or hr springs, KW V3 system, custom penske's, lg motorsports coilover package.

Does the KW v3 system handle low speed bumps as good or better than the stock shocks? I would really like to get this system as its adjustable and I do a few track days a year; but want some confirmation it will not make the every day situation worse. I would run this system around min height drop or closest to stock ride height.

Another option would be to move up to the V2 as it has MRC but I would rather get the V1 sorted if I could. Is the V2 slightly or far superior for every day comfort over bumps and road imperfections. I haven't test drove a V2 yet the mpg is tough to get grips with.

For reference our Acura TSX soaks up bumps much more efficiently and doesn't get re-directed every time it hits a bump like the V1 does.

04-21-12, 01:16 PM
The V2 is far superior if talking about comfort. It soaks up bumps like a big old Deville floating down the road. It does not feel like a sports car, ready to attack, like the V1. But obviously it can move out and handle. It just doesn't feel like it. Whether that makes it superior in general is a matter of opinion.

I have a friend with FG2's on his stock V. I really like how they feel, it is right at the limit of being reasonable for the street. They are not objectionable, but are very controlled. I'd get them if I needed new shocks. I debate about getting them anyway.