: Too much Gas ?

Nice Ride
04-17-12, 03:04 AM
Often fill up the 09 ESV to the rim. The Gas station by me will allow a very slow fill. I often baby it and put in as much as she will take. Too often if I fill fast till the hose stops, the truck will easily hold about 2 to 3 more gal. Of gas. I've done this for several months with no problems and have done this on all my cars and trucks especially if I'm going on a long trip. But yesterday, the truck stalled out 3 times right after I left the station. Do vehicles still have evaporator tanks? Is too much too much? What sensor would have caused the truck to shut off?

04-17-12, 06:40 AM
I know Corvette's suffered from this overfill issue, but I "pack" gas into my tank, we have our own gas pump and always fill it to the top and have not have an issue with any of my trucks