: 93 Allante Trunk Pull Down Not Always Working

04-16-12, 11:07 PM
Hello Everybody

I Have A 93 Allante And The Pull Down Hook Usally Gets Stuck In The Open Position Now If I Bang On The Limit Switch Housing Were The 3 Wire Plug Housing (I Have Pulled The Plug Out And It Is Clean) Plugs Into On To Of The Motor And Then Close The Trunk It Usally Works And Closes Just Fine Any Ideas Open For Suggestions. Any Suggestion To I Am Sure Is A Common Problem Let Me Know Thank You

Carmen 93 Allante Hard Top Pearl Red Cangelo629@aol.com

Harry Yarnell
04-18-12, 02:32 PM
Yes, common problem throuout the Buick/ Cadillac lines.
Problem is in the switch assy on-top of the pulldown motor.
Removing it and drilling out the rivets; a good burnishing of the contacts should restore operation.
Otherwise, harvest one out of a '86-98 Buick or Cadillac...but make sure it works.