: 101.5mm Custon Maf using Stock MAF Sensor

04-16-12, 04:18 AM
I was out tunin one day and i noticed after 5200rpm my Map was decreasin as the rpm increased. I just cleaned the intake manifold and have a 226/236 cam with 116lsa and 550lift at the valves. So the engine was sufficating slightly. Its hard to suck a lot of air through a 90mm TB with a Intake tube that is 85mm in dia. Takin some of my knowledge from the V, i made a 101.5mm MAF tube from a specail MAF bung and a CF tube. I also got Samco 102mm 5 ply tubing to keep the opennin as large as possible. The best part is i just needed to use two clamps to keep everything together. The 5 ply tubing is so tight on the CF tubin i dont need any additional clampin.

When it came to retunin for the new MAF i had to make upto 50% increases on my custom table to get it to run at 14.65AFR. Thats a lot more volume for it to suck on. WI will keep you all posted on my progress