View Full Version : Factory smog equipment and block stamping question

04-15-12, 04:57 PM
I'll be going through the process of certifying my Engine Swap for smog purposes in Denver.

My truck is a Scout, but my 472 is, I believe, out of a 1974 Deville.

I believe they'll only require me to have the smog items that were factory on my '78 Scout (no cats or air pump fortunately).

1) However, just in case I'm wondering what smog equipment was standard on a Federal 1974 Deville with the 472???

2) Also, can I confirm the year of my 472 by deciphering the block stamping (not the casting numbers but the VIN type number on the front pad)???

Sorry I don't have the number handy or I would post it.
If anyone has a link for block stampings that would be a huge help.

04-16-12, 12:17 AM
As far as I can remember the only thing the 74 had was a air pump... I can remember way back in 85 I had a 74 deville that would not pass inspection because there was a 500ppm limit and I was putting out 1200ppm ... So I pulled it apart and found 2 burnt exhaust valves and broken rings on one cylinder.. After a valve job and new rings I not only passed 74 standards but passed brand new 85 standards that were 150ppm.. when he sniffed it it was 16ppm... And that was with the air pump taken off. I had gotten pulleys off a 76 that had no air pump..

04-16-12, 12:47 AM
Yes, an air pump and EGR are the obvious ones.
I've read that the 1970 472 & 500's were the only ones that didn't have an air pump. Not sure if that's true.
Was there a charcoal canister?

Anyone know anything about the block stamp? (dang this board is slow on Sundays)