: A few items for 07+ (18" chrome wheel center cap & rear emblem)

04-15-12, 03:50 PM
While doing some Spring cleaning, I found a few items that might be of interest to somebody here.

1. 18" chrome wheel center cap. Like new. Used for approx 500 miles. $30 shipped.
2. New OEM rear emblem (with adhesive intact) $30 shipped

Would also take $49.00 shipped for BOTH.


I accept paypal. Items are in lansing MI, so if you are local, prices will be less, as I will save shipping!

PM me if interested, but be advised, I only check on here every couple of days, so don't worry if you don't get an immediate response. :)

04-16-12, 04:45 PM
I'll take the rear emblem if you still have it. Sorry couldn't find PM feature.


I'll take the rear emblem if still available. Sorry couldn't find the PM feature on the iPhone.

04-17-12, 10:20 AM
I PM'd you. Look at the top, near your user name, look for "notifications", you will find the PM feature and your inbox.

EDIT: I tried to PM you and apparently you have disabled your PM abilities. You might have done this when you first signed up here. So, the choices are either enable your PM feature and PM me, or provide an email address and I will simply email you directly.


04-17-12, 02:14 PM
please email me at kwhitt10@gmail.com and provide your email address for paypal...thank you

04-17-12, 04:24 PM
I just emailed you directly.

Sale of emblem pending! Center cap still available.

04-18-12, 07:44 AM
Longhorn79, I emailed you yesterday and never got any email reply, no PM from you, and no paypal payment, so I am selling it to another buyer here who was waiting (Ghost Deany). I Don't know if you were busy or working or what, but I decided to just sell it to the buyer that was waiting this morning. Sorry.

05-11-12, 09:24 AM
Bump - chrome 18 center cap still available....best offer......

06-05-12, 08:06 AM
Bump - chrome 18 center cap still available....best offer......


01-14-14, 03:08 PM
Bump 18" center cap still available - make an offer....

01-15-14, 06:46 AM
List this in the sticky at the top of the page please.