: Engine mods( headers, intake, exhaust etc)

11-21-04, 11:16 PM
I recently switched from a magnaflow dual inlet single outlet exhaust, because i was sponsored by Gibson, and now i have a true dual exhaust, i think it sounds a lot better and performance wise is about the same. Gibson also gave me headers for 300 bucks and i am going to have them installed, latest by wednesday. Anybody have headers, if so do they make a big difference, performance and sound wise? I also have a cold air intake so once i get my headers i figure i will be pushing close to 390 hp. I am planning on getting either a small performance chip and supercharger or turbo. Or larger performance chip that can handle nearly 80 hp and 80 ft lbs of torque, basically I want my escalade to have 500 hp, any more suggestions on what i should do? I feel sort of limited in this situation without a turbo, because of all the things you can do with a turbo(bov,downpiping,up piping etc.)Any help or comments are greatly appreciated.

11-22-04, 12:17 AM
i dont have headers in my car but my cousin does and it doesnt make a significant difference in the sound