: 1997 Seville temperature problems

04-14-12, 10:45 AM
This is very normal, nothing to worry about:

But, you should start worrying about it when you see something like this:


this is exactly what my caddy does it gets close to the red but never overheats, well i shut it off before it gets too close to red. but it gets close to red then goes back down. my heater core broke not to long ago. but prior to that it was running at the 12:00 position. then after i changed the heater core it started acting crazy. if i drive it for a while it stays at the 12 position. but after an hour it goes up then down then up and down. i changed the thermostat twice thinking it was the problem. i took out the radiator to a shop and said its tip top. the purge line is good. ive been so pissed i cant find the solution to it. it does get really close to red but never reaches it. it runs hot for a few minutes then drops to the 1:00 mark... any help guys?

04-14-12, 10:56 AM
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Get to a large parts chain store and rent an engine block leak test kit. It checks for the presence of exhaust gas components in the airspace over the coolant in the reservoir - failed head gasket(s). Do this test before you start throwing more parts at the engine.