: Wagon Owners - Tail light help

04-12-12, 03:08 PM
Do any of you with a Wagon have any fitment issues with your Tail lights? The top of my passenger side doesn't fit tight against the body. My local dealer attempted to replace it but that didn't fit either. I was told that it was a characteristic of my car. To me this isn't acceptable and wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience.

Any suggestions as to what I should do? This car has been nothing but a nightmare for me so far. I have yet to be able to enjoy it. (It is a CPO that I have had for about 2 weeks and been in for service 3 times!). :banghead: :bomb:

04-12-12, 03:29 PM
I just went out and checked mine. There is about a 1/16" gap, and I can push it down to be flush.

Like yours, it's only on the right side. That being said, I would have never noticed it had I not seen this post. Just not enough of a fitment issue for me to lose any sleep over...

04-12-12, 03:34 PM
I thought this was fixed in 2011+ models with new lights that extend to meet roofrails. I posted a similar topic in the non-v cts forum and was sent this pic.

04-12-12, 03:35 PM
Looks to extend more forward but I never verified in person.


04-12-12, 03:42 PM
Same question came up a couple of years ago in the standard wagon forum. I couldn't see any gap on my standard wagon and on my V-Wagon there is a 1/16" on the driver's side and none on the passenger side. The only thing it means to me is to be careful not to catch a towel or polishing rag on the pointy tip of the tail light.

04-12-12, 04:19 PM
I will post a pic once i get the car back. But its more that an 1/16. To me, it was like the clip at the top of light wasn't catching or was broke. Not sure how they are attached. At least I know it isn't just me.

04-12-12, 06:58 PM
just checked mine as well...passenger side is 1/16 but cannot really notice. It is flush with roof rail.

2012 wagon.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-13-12, 12:31 PM
Hi Griffin337,

I'm really sorry to hear that! Please let me know if you'd like me to research any specific concerns for you; simply send me an email at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com anytime and I'm happy to assist where I can.

Looking forward to your updates,

Cadillac Customer Service

04-18-12, 09:20 AM

Like the GAP? :rant2:

04-18-12, 12:46 PM

Like the GAP? :rant2:

WOW! No, not at all.

I have a tiny gap right at the tip, but I sure as heck can't see daylight through it further down like yours. It almost looks like the lens is warped. Did they try putting on a new lens/assembly on yours to fix it, or just mess with that one.

Yeah, that's not acceptable in my book either...

04-18-12, 02:31 PM
Same as FLTRI. A gap where the pointy tip meets the silver roof rail. Not even 1/16, more like 1/32 to 1/64 of an inch. Flush the rest of the way down the lens.

04-18-12, 03:04 PM
Yes they put a new lens on.. same thing. They said they even took one off another car that fit just to make sure..

That's when i was told it may be a "characteristic" of my car.

Guess I can call customer service (AGAIN) and talk to some outsourced person who will blow smoke up my ass and ultimately waste more of my time trying to get yet another issue resolved..

04-18-12, 03:12 PM
Maybe it's not the lens, but the body of the car. Was it new when you bought it?

04-18-12, 04:00 PM

you can talk to Katie, who is definitely not some outsourced person and she will not blow smoke anywhere

send her a PM or email

04-18-12, 04:26 PM
Here's a pic of mine, for reference. I put a flashlight behind it as well, and there is no light coming through where the lens meets the body. There is just a very minor gap, right at the tip...


04-18-12, 05:27 PM
Maybe it's not the lens, but the body of the car. Was it new when you bought it?

I got it used. CPO had it about 3 weeks now. I bought it out of state but figured being CPO I didn't have to worry about issue like this. Its been at the dealer for 6 days out of the 22 I have owned it. I have had to have several things fixed including a new supercharger. Its certainly hasn't been a pleasant experience.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to check out their lights and putting up pics!