: where can i find laminex for my headlights and fogs??

04-12-12, 03:05 PM
Just got my car completely color sanded and buffed along with my windows and headlights which were trashed from when I bought the car but came out like brand new! So my question is where do you guys get the cling to cover the headlights and fogs? Id like a smoke black color. Thanks!

04-14-12, 06:59 PM
I got the ones for my tailights off of ebay. I sprayed my foglights with vht nightshades. It is kind of hard to work with tho.

04-14-12, 09:11 PM
I was looking at the ebay tail light film but it says it comes in 3 pieces?

04-15-12, 11:58 AM

04-15-12, 06:02 PM
Yes its 3 pieces. Was a pain in the ass to install. There was a small piece for the top a small piece for the side and a large piece for the back. pretty much anywhere there is a sharp.edge they give u a small piece so you dont crease the vinyl. I just saw on autoilumination.com they have vinyl but its universal.

04-16-12, 12:07 AM
Where the pieces separate can you see red through them? Could you post some pics??

04-16-12, 04:00 PM
I took pics but i gotta wait til i get home to resize them to upload. You cant see the gap but on mine i overlapped the vinyl and you can see a seam but you must look closely. If your gonna try and install them get a heat gun. It makes life much easier

04-16-12, 06:12 PM
thats what i was thinkin. just not sure if it would be too much black on my car??? thinking i would just do fogs, side markers and reverse lights and get some clear for m headlights.

04-17-12, 12:26 AM

Theres an example. dont mind the waterspots.

04-17-12, 10:19 AM
That looks good! I can't tell that its 3 pieces

04-17-12, 08:53 PM
Haha thanks. I think its better than spraying it because it would be easy to remove if needed. The spray is a pita to take off.