: Revshift Motor Mounts!

04-12-12, 10:13 AM
We have been working closely with one of the best chemical manufacturing companies to develop a highly durable, high performance polyurethane formulated specifically for automotive use. The Revshift Cadillac mounts are made from this high performance polyurethane along with the rest of our polyurethane products.

Revshift polyurethane motor mounts are unlike any other mounts on the market for several reasons. First, we process the raw polyurethane and mold the mounts and bushings ourselves. This gives us complete control of the manufacturing process and the quality of the part. Second, we do not simply laminate the polyurethane to the metal ends. We use carefully designed ends with tig welded internal flanges molded deep into the mount to prevent delamination/separation. Third, the hardware we use is the best that we can get. All mounts utilize class 12.9 high tensile strength bolts. They will not bend, stretch, break, or strip out.