: '84 Commercial Chasis Quadrajet dies at idle when warm.

04-10-12, 11:19 PM
I have found a couple of suggestions ref solving this problem but no real precise solutions. The carb absolutely dumps fuel once it gets hot (the engine and the temp outside). When it gets like this the only way to keep it running is to feather the accelerator constantly. Starting it back up after it dies or is shut off is the same as starting with it fully flooded. I need to figure out why it runs soooo rich. Yes it is a stock Quadrajet on a 368ci Cadillac and in cold/cool weather short trips it runs amazingly. I have looked into the common leaning adjustments and none have helped. If anyone can tell me what parts/pieces could be making the carb dump fuel I would love to know and try to get it fixed.


04-11-12, 04:00 PM
Sounds like a stuck float ... or,

a compromised needle and seat ...
either way they are a tag team ( connected to each other
inside the carb. )

You can spend a nice Sunday morning with a quality re-build kit and
rebuild the Quadrajet with out any special tools. Also give you a chance to clean out all
the accumulated gook inside.
I get my Quadrajet kits from
"QuadraJetParts.com" Great parts and quick shipping.

It is not rocket science, but just takes some patience and common sense in
dis-assembly and assembly. Take some good digital close ups.... It can help
when it comes time to put her all back together!
THose Holleys and Edelbrocks are nice, but for $40 or so, you can make a
QuadraJet work just as good as new and save $300-$400!

04-11-12, 04:43 PM
Thank you. This gives me something new to try and an obvious learning experience.

Thank you again.

06-24-12, 10:57 AM
Sorry for the late response, but if the float is black plastic, not brass, it can absorb fuel and become heavy over time. If its too heavy it will sink in the fuel well and cause a rich/ flooding condition. Either a new plastic float or find a brass one will fix the issue.