: Good priced parts for 94 FWB?

11-21-04, 12:40 PM
I was looking at GMPARTSDIRECT.com, and found a bunch of neat things, I would recomend everyone go check it out.

I found a RR window regulator for $175.00 which the Chevy dealer wanted $350.00 for, just as an example.

But, here's what I need:

10250711 MUFFLER $118.20 (SAVE $89.15)
10250710 MUFFLER $109.64 (SAVE $82.71)
12527740 Water pump (KIT) $134.74 (SAVE $134.73)
10457293 Distributer Cap Kit $114.27 (SAVE $114.27)
10477208 Ignition Coil $29.50 (SAVE $25.50)

Add $103.62 shipping plus $609.67 for parts and im looking at $712.99 for this.

I was looking at these plug wires, they come in a set of 8:

Accel 10840 - Spark Plug Wire Set: 10.8mm 300+; Universal Fit; Race Wire; Yellow $125.99

Accel 8194 - Spark Plug: U-Groove; 8 Pack; Price Is Per Spark Plug $17.99 per spark plug, $143.00 bucks for 8 total.

They have some el-cheapo plug wire sets for $45.00 bucks, but if it costs more, then it should be better quality???

Now, that should cover all the PARTS for the tune up, how much should it run me in labor to install of them???

I figure OEM muffler's would be the best, I like the nice quiet sound they put out, mine are rusting through, they're done!

And those rusted lines under the hood, I am having those replaced for piece of mind. I know some of them go to the ABS pump, I have one pipe that goes from the master cylinder, it loops down and touches part of the frame rail that has a little rust on it, the next one that is rusting, Im pretty sure it goes to the oil pan. I plan on taking it to the dealer to have them give me part numbers for it, hope fully tommorow.

Roughly, for everything mentioned on heres, parts anyways, Im looking at $980.00, add taxes locally for the plugs and wires and im spending a $1000.00 for parts, including taxes/shipping, some of which will be picked up locally. Not to shabby??? :devil:

11-21-04, 12:45 PM
You could have gotten a window reg from a junkyard really cheap.

11-21-04, 01:21 PM
I really think its a window clip.

Anyways, I forgot to add the PCV valve and oxygen sensor. I probably wont save enough money till February to buy the parts and get them installed.

11-21-04, 02:32 PM
Thats too much for wires and plugs. For the wires try Jegs.com . I got mine from them for about 75.00 as far as spark plugs go You can gowith the original ac delco plug. Those are about 2.00 a plug or even the ac delco platinums, I'm nit sure how much those are.

With those orignal mufflers I would hold off. Try going to a local muffler and see what they say. The parts and labor might be what you would pay for those two gm mufflers...

Water pump is a good price. Opti-spark is a good price. Coil is a good price but not necessary for a normal tune-up...