: What kind of brakes?

04-10-12, 02:05 PM
Hey guys is my brakes upgraded on my 09 cts DI awd? Just wondering what is the difference in brakes between the cts and the cts DI awd?

04-11-12, 10:09 AM
When I bought my 08 last year , I found out there are 3 different suspension packages and 3 different brake packages on the CTS. But there are more than 3 combinations. Determining exactly which set up or combination you have is most easily and accurately done by reading the RPO code list found on the underneath side of the spare tire well cover. Look for FE-? , J-? and JE-? codes. The option code lists are published somewhere on this website. FE2, FE3, JE5 and J-55 are some of the options. The rotors change diameter and the calipers & pads change sizes as well.