: How to tell if head gaskets have been done before?

04-09-12, 01:22 PM
My Eldo is about 500 miles shy of 200K. It had about 120K on it when I bought it, and I'm just wondering if the head gaskets have already been done on it before - is there an easy way of telling this? Thanks

04-09-12, 02:09 PM
No way to tell without talking to whoever maintained and/or owned it or doing some exploratory surgery.

04-09-12, 02:34 PM
Also- no need to worry if you aren't having any problems. It's not like all of these cars go bad.

04-09-12, 03:13 PM

04-09-12, 05:20 PM
Gotcha. I was just curious so I figured I'd ask.

Thanks for your help!!