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04-09-12, 09:48 AM
After reading the instructions for the Modulator install it appears this device would have to be installed in the truck. This is due to ther fact that is where the antenna wire is.

Do I install this device by the power antenna or the control box on the rear right side of the trunk? How would I find power for the unit? Is there a yellow wire on that harness?.

Then I need to fish the wire for the on/off switch plus the 3.5mm jack connector to the dash, any suggestions?

Unforunately this is the best way for me to install the needed 3.5mm jack. Don't know to much about car electronics.


04-10-12, 01:45 PM
It is correct that your antenna coax cable goes from the antenna to the remote radio receiver, and not the radio heat unit. The remote radio receiver is attached to a bracket right in front of the power antenna, on the passenger side of the trunk. You can run your jack and switch from the trunk and under the front and rear door sills, up into the dash, and then wherever you want it.

Either use Scotchloks or Strip and Solder your Modulator's wires to the factory wires.

All three wires can be located at Connector 1 (a 6-pin black connector) of the Remote Radio Receiver.
Your Ignition +12V is at pin C9 of Connector 1. It is Yellow.
Your Battery +12V is at pin C10 of Connector 1. It is Orange.
Your ground is at pin C5 of Connector 1. It is Black/White. Alternatively, you can connect it to a suitable, unpainted, grounded metal body component.

That should be all you need.

Hope this helps,

04-10-12, 03:28 PM
This is an outstanding post, definately a sticky, in my view, for anyone wanting to install a FM MODULATOR.