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04-08-12, 01:38 PM
My current lease ends 2013 and I am considering F10 M5, CLS63, or get another CTS-V.
The Caddy makes the most sense economically, and if I get another one, will get the manual tranny.
I guess my question is...does anyone know when the V3 is slated to come out?
I also wish there was an option to replace the chrome trim around the window to match the color of the car (BMW offers the shadow line trim option).
Also an upgraded tranny such as an automated manual would be nice...

04-08-12, 03:13 PM
Plasti-Dip the chrome.

As for a V3, the next CTS comes out late in 2013, supposedly. Expect a new CTS-V about a year after that.

An ATS-V may come out as soon as late 2013 with the ATS coming out later this year...

04-08-12, 03:56 PM
I'm not a big fan of buying 1st generation vehicles, first year off the assembly line of a new retooling. The V3 is probably farther away from release than we think, but who knows. I hear they will release the new '13CTS later this fall which would put the V version a year away from that potentially. That puts the 2nd model year V3 over 2 years away...which works well for me since I just bought a '12 V sedan, lol.

04-08-12, 05:45 PM
The new CTS won't be until next year.

04-08-12, 05:53 PM
So 2014 earliest for the V3. Good to know.
I don't like first run cars either, too many gremlins.
So if I lease another V for 3 years, all the bugs should be ironed out of the V3...

04-13-12, 09:59 AM
I don't like first run cars either, too many gremlins.

Not sure that this applies well to the V's.

V1 (04-07) had very few updates, diff being the most obvious, but even that wasn't done right till the late 08 timeline.
V2 (09-??) seems not to have had many updates, there were changes of standard options along the way, maybe auto programming in the '12?