: '97 Eldorado Non-Bose Headunit Upgrade Options

04-08-12, 12:49 AM
I've been reading a lot of information on here about aftermarket radio installation, and I've seen many different paths to get to the same place. (Although some of those paths don't seem to work as well as others...)

I understand that the Cadillac factory stereo receives class 2 messages from the instrument panel cluster to activate the various audible warnings/chimes.

I understand that the Cadillac factory stereo sends/receives class 2 messages to the Body Control Module for Sleep State and Retained Accessory Power information.

I understand that a Metra ASWC (and others) Steering Wheel Interface can be installed to replicate not only the steering wheel audio controls, but also the climate controls, while using a capable aftermarket radio.

I understand that the Metra GMRC-03 Interface Module with Integrated Chime Speaker and RAP function doesn't work correctly in many Cadillacs it's installed in.

Therefore, the best method I see is factory radio relocation. From what I've read, the radio is typically relocated to the trunk. Apparently, there is a Class 2 circuit in close proximity to the trunk to tie the relocated radio into. Battery and Switched Power as well as ground will also need to be supplied here.

Now this doesn't seem to solve the chime problem. While the relocated radio is actually receiving the chime requests, the driver's front speaker is no longer connected to the relocated radio, and therefore the chimes won't be audible. Is there any way around this?

Any other considerations when looking at a Non-Bose Headunit Install?

Also, are there any Non-BOSE factory headunits with in-dash CD that could be installed in place of my cassette-only non-BOSE headunit?


04-09-12, 01:40 AM
All you need is this and then you can connect whatever aftermarket radio you want and still keep chimes and not need the stock radio anymore.