View Full Version : Pimples on door upholstery 1987 Allante

04-07-12, 11:18 PM
I have a pristine 23K mile Allante and there are little bumps appearing all over the upper part of one door panel. Has anyone ever seen this before? Any idea what might have caused it?

04-08-12, 12:49 PM
:hmm: Pimples? On what part of the panel? Pics?

04-09-12, 12:57 AM

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04-09-12, 12:08 PM
has the interior ever been worked on?

the small piece of trim behind the armrest is held on by melting some "posts" that stick out of the trim piece, into some holes on the main panel. under this piece you can access the foam under the leather.

when i had mine apart, a couple of the "melted" pieces broke off and ended up under the leather giving me bumps.

i had to take it back apart, hold the leather up and away from the panel, and shake the little pieces of plastic out