: 03 sts

04-07-12, 02:03 PM
We have 2003 STS with 57k that we recently brought in to Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix, Az where we were told of several leaks and repairs that they say would cost more than the car is worth. We have always been loyal to GM but this may change our mind as this car is not holding up to the name. My original complaint was brakes which I ready and willing to pay the $349 per axle. But then we got the estimate for all repairs needed that priced the car out of the market.

Case halves- $3189
Rear valve cover-$401.80
Oil sender switch- $145.45
Crossover Pipes- $957.24
Steering gear - $1396.64
Engine mount-$582.75
Right inner CV boot- $300
Shocks and struts- $4426

Quite a shame for such a beautiful car with only 57k miles to need so many repairs. Any help from the manufacture would be appreciated.


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated