: Perfect wheel dressing combo? I think so!

04-04-12, 05:51 PM
Armor All Brake Dust Repellent + Turtle Wax Black Tire Coat

SHINY! You can see me in the reflection! (The change in gloss is more reflection, the open car door) If you like the wet tire look, then Black Tire Coat is for you too. This picture is 2 days after application. It's dry to the touch. Besides the appearance, the next best thing about it is: ZERO SLING! You won't find this on the side of your car. Per the packaging, it's supposed to last months. Although, while still fresh & tacky, it can collect dust.

You can tell this isn't a black paint either because you can see thru it where the tire was marked with a grease pencil (you can kinda see some dust on the gloss):

Although, it's important to REALLY clean your tires before applying, just like painting. There are additives in the tire the seep out over time that makes the tires brown. I just used soap & water & had some peeling (which I originally thought was mud). This is the peeling & immediately after a rain storm 4 days after application:

One week after application, before a wash. Also shows how well the repellent worked too:
(I hit it with water before I remembered I wanted pictures, but it was just a 1 sec blast)

One week after application, after a wash & wipe with dry towel:

04-04-12, 05:52 PM
Full side shots, post wash:

Overspray on the driveway, notice the water beading on the crescent shape:

05-27-12, 08:31 PM
Thanks for the post, I will give those products a try. That's a bad ass hood. Where did you get it?

05-29-12, 05:19 PM
Nice pics! Car looks fantastic, too. Most of the stuff I've used in the past slings off onto the side of the car. Drives me crazy! I'll have to pick up those two products and give 'em a try.

Um-m ... ever think of lowering your car just a smidgeon?

05-29-12, 09:39 PM
Yea, I've considered lowering it. I want to, just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the compliments!

After a few months of this stuff (black tire coat), it's not at as good as the first time. I'm not sure what the issue is. The brake dust repellent works great still. I ran out of the Armor All & found some Meguires product that was similar. It works ok, but it does NOT like any water on the rim. I sprayed it on the rims after leaving the car to dry overnight . . . well, that didn't work. There was still water in the lugnuts area. When I sprayed it, it ran down the rim & turned it white. There's a huge white streak now.