View Full Version : This light colored leather driving me crazy

04-04-12, 01:10 PM
Has anyone changed out the leather? I have the cashmere color and I'm thinking of changing it to a dark brown similar to the color of the dash and doing a piping that's the color of the current seats to tie with the carpet and roof and so forth. On second thought that might look like garbage maybe I should of bought a different color esky, I just loved the blue chip color when I saw it, anyway what do you guys think.

04-04-12, 10:49 PM
Light colored interiors always show up dirt easier than darker, obviously. If you want to I would advise changing it out for the darker colored leather. I had a 2010 platinum and out of all the problems that truck gave me, I will admit that the tehama leather was flawless. I have read posts of people complaining of the leather being overly glossy and absorbing colors from clothing particularly blue jeans. But back to the subject change it out for a darker color.