: DFW Area Paintless Dent Repair

04-04-12, 08:38 AM
Well, it happened...golf ball size hail damaged the V. Hood, roof, deck lid, front fenders and quarter panals. I am hoping someone in this area has had good results from a PDR vendor that they can recommend. I really don't want any body work if I can help it, although it may require a new hood and deck lid. Will contact the my dealer later today, but would appreciate anyone that has some first hand recommendations.

04-04-12, 08:55 AM
:( So sorry to hear about the damage. Be thankful that you are safe.

04-04-12, 09:25 AM
Thanks houdini, we were very fortunate. One tornado went about a block north where my wife was at, so yes we are very thankful. My heart and prayers go out to those that lost their homes and businesses.

04-04-12, 10:12 AM
Best wishes to you. I was wondering how the plethora of Texas V drivers were doing.

04-05-12, 03:43 AM
give me a call tomorrow on cell 214 403-4090 I have his # @ work

I just had mine done last friday from the last hail storm (his name is Justin) 9 years experience nice and very professional

Very happy w/ results...Mark B. 11 V-Spec Coupe Thunder Gray

04-05-12, 08:39 AM
Thanks Mark...I'll give you a call tomorrow...the 6th correct?

04-05-12, 08:47 PM
Dents in the hood??? The hoods on the v2's are plastic.

04-05-12, 10:03 PM
Dents in the hood??? The hoods on the v2's are plastic.

Aluminum I thought???

04-05-12, 10:16 PM
^^^ - Yes - aluminum for sure, at least on the 2009 my's.


04-06-12, 11:58 AM
Dents in the hood??? The hoods on the v2's are plastic.

All CTS-V hoods have been aluminum from the factory. Aftermarket is a different story...