: Shopping for a Platinum

11-20-04, 02:20 PM
On Thursday I went into Bunnin Cadillac in Oxnard California to try and get an esv platinum edition. When we got in they had maybe 5 esv's like 20 regular lades, and 3 platinums, 2 in black which was the color I wanted. So I test drove it and I went in to work out some kind of deal. The first deal was 24,800 for my trade in which was a 2001 bmw 740il sport in excellent condition with 50,000 miles (kelly blue book is like 32,000 for trade in) and they wanted me to pay list plus tax license. I laughed (on the inside) and said the only way I would make a deal is 66,000 out the door and 30,000 for my trade. So after, oh, 20 minutes he came back in with another sales person ( the guy I was working with was new) who tried to say it was a good deal. After realizing I knew more than he did about the car he went in to the gm buypower manager to see what he could get me. The 2nd offer was 66,000 plus tax license and 30,000 for the car, which was ok but I would be paying over list out the door still so I said I wanted 66,000 out the door, 30,000 for the car. Then the gm buypower manager came in and told me there was no way in hell I would get more than 30,000 for the car if I sold it myself. That pissed me off, he was a rude arrogant @sshole to say the least. Then he tried to sell me a regular esv for list and told me the platinum was a different platform then the denali xl and that the platinum wasnt lowered. After looking at the cadillac website he felt stupid and stormed out to his office. After asking for my keys like 5 times I left. It was a fun day,lol. What do you think

11-20-04, 04:26 PM
Yeah I actually know more about Escalades then my dealership. You were giving him the 740 to him for 30,000 not more. You never asked for more than 30,000 so he really is stupid. Well anyway hopefully yo can get that ESV good luck

11-20-04, 08:35 PM
actually I originally wanted 35,000 then they countered with 24,800

11-20-04, 08:37 PM
I just checked my messages and I have 2 from the dealer. They offered 8,000 off. So it would be like 68000 out the door. I was waiting for them to call and beg....lol