: part replaced under CPO, fails after CPO again - who pays?

04-03-12, 08:59 PM
So, I swap to summer wheels and do a full lookover to find something failed again. 1st time was under CPO and dealer replaced/fixed. It's been 14 moths and 10k miles. Dealer says to call Cadillac. I call them and explain. They call SM at dealer and we collectively setup an appt. Well, not only do they expect me to pay an hour diagnostic fee, Cadillac rep would not tell me if they'd repay that fee back or even cover the repairs...or how they would handle this from here...to the point that the SM thought I was bringing in the car for the repair ...and then on the off chance Cadillac would pick up the tab and if not then Im in the hook for it. What? How is that for customer service? Shouldn't Cadillac have a policy for this or offer goodwill to cover this and know BEFORE I bring it in? At 31k miles, issue shouldn't have happened. Now 10k later, I find the same issue again (could've been awhile ago). There's no way Id pay the estimated amount when I can do it myself or a lot cheaper at an indy. Seems like bait and switch...


04-03-12, 10:42 PM
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