: Does the CTS-Vs follow the same model year as the regular CTS?

04-03-12, 07:57 PM
Do the 2013s start showing up in July or Aug? Does anyone know what the typical 'trunk money' on left over CTS-Vs, or what it was back in 2011?

I'm going back and forth with a dealer on a 2012 that's been sitting on their lot for a few months (don't have the production date) and it seems like we're getting awful close to end-of-year. I'm just wondering if I'm looking at a significant amount of money on the table a year end or if they hold them over as a low production model. (We got $7000 in trunk money on my wife's Audi in July) ... Being predominately a euro brand buyer, negotiating on a domestic definitely feels a lot different, with all the hold-backs, incentives, etc.

04-03-12, 08:54 PM
new MY CTS-V's come out in fall just like regular CTS's do. It would be reasonable to assume this year will be later than normal due to the re-tooling however.

04-04-12, 02:11 AM
Last month of production for 2012 CTS is June. Factory shuts down for 2 weeks or so for re-tooling and maintenence and will be back up and running building 2013 CTS models sometime in July for sure.

Back in the day, the last model year build out used to occur in July with new model year vehicles produced every August and were on dealer lots by September. Things have changed a bit since then with new model year cars being built earlier in the summer. Heck, Ford seems to build new model year vehicles early in the Spring now for an extended model year.

04-04-12, 08:11 AM
I wouldn't expect any big movements in pricing and incentives until the fall...

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-04-12, 01:26 PM
So happy to see the excitement for our new models! I double checked, and I don't have any detailed information yet on the 2013 CTS-Vs. I do know that the 2013 CTS Coupe (including V-Series) start up date is currently scheduled for 6/11/12 and their arrival to dealership lots is approximately 8-12 weeks from the start up date.

There are certain factors that could possibly effect scheduling: parts/component shortage, allocation adjustments for the new model year, shipping delays of parts and/or vehicles, general new MY start-up production delays, etc. I'm sure you're all aware of those factors, I just wanted to point them out! :)

I'm always happy to double check my resources for updates, so feel free to private message or email (Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com) anytime!


Cadillac Customer Service

V Wagon
04-04-12, 05:38 PM
I got $3000 on an '11 in October of last year. That was one of the best incentives I saw watching them closely from July through October. In September there was $0 even on Sednas and Wagons. Incentives seemed to be slightly higher for most of the period I was paying attention for on coupes.


I had to read 'trunk money' like 5 times in order to see it correctly. I kept reading it as 'trunk monkey'