: Product Review : VMAX CNC Ported throttle body for 3.6 DI

04-03-12, 03:49 PM
Received the VMAX CNC ported throttle body about 2 weeks ago, but I've delayed installing it as I'm STILL trying to secure an AWD dyno. The last shop I spoke to said I could bring it down, no problem. Then I mentioned that I was going to do some ECM flashing and take pre/post dyno readings. I was politely told that if I was going to do the tuning myself, I wasn't welcome to use their dyno. Wait, what? I can't pay you to just use your dyno? Nope. Sigh...

Ok, so it was a lazy Sunday so I decided to go ahead and install the RevExtreme oil catch can, and since it's a 10 minute job, the VMAX throttle body. When I do finally find a dyno shop that will play ball with me, I'll take it back off and swap back to the OEM one for pre/post.

Ok, so about the throttle body:

It arrived well packaged and looked damn near brand new to me. Other than very small VMAX engraving on the side of it, you'll be hard pressed to differentiate it from a new one. I pulled the stock flexible air intake tube off, which took maybe 45 seconds, and I removed the 4 bolts that secure the throttle body to the neck of the intake manifold. Easy peasy, lemon squezy. I then swapped over the small wiring harness to the VMAX throttle body, and installed it. But, before I did, I reached inside the neck of the intake manifold, where GM has cast a small sump, to catch the oil recirculated by the PCV system, and sure enough it was full of oil already. I had removed the manifold and cleaned it about a thousand miles ago, when I installed the VMAX Black Ice-Olalater. Needless to say, I'm glad I had the oil catch can sitting in a box right beside me. Anyway, installed the new throttle body, reconnected the wiring harness, re-installed the air intake tube, performed the throttle position reset procedure found in my owner's manual, and started her up.

I was fully expecting a check engine light, but was not greeted with one. The car idles smoothly. In fact, I believe it's cured a bit of a rough idle I was having. After looking at the old throttle body, I can see why. There was a bit of deposit built up on the inside of the throttle body, and could very well have been my culprit.

I don't know about your 3.6, but mine always felt like it had a dead spot from idle on up to about 3500 RPM. From there, you could feel a rush of power come on. Well, the new throttle body eliminates that lag, or dead spot. Acceleration is now more linear from idle all the way to red line. Can't say that I feel much of a HP increase, but it I certainly feels smoother from end to end.

I think Tracy claims only ~3-5HP at peak with the throttle body. But the big selling point is the elimination of that dead rev range up to about 3500. Once again, it does exactly what he claims it to do.




04-04-12, 12:30 PM
Thanks agian for your time to test these.....we dont release a product unless it does as claimed, and we have had some that we had high hopes for and did little so were abandoned even after putting time & money into the development.

On the rogh idle, yes, the deposits on any throttle body affect the smoothness of the airflow as the throttle cracker opens and parks the blade at the desired IAC flow and target idle RPM. This also magnafies the dead spot, or off idle hesitation he see on the 3.6 DI.

Cant wait to see the actual dyno results!


04-04-12, 01:08 PM
I'm waiting on mine today...

You know, I think our CTS' may be evil cousins...

05-16-13, 11:36 AM
The throttle body that you order...was that the one for the camaro? i have a 2008 cts 3.6 di...just want to make sure it fits!!! thanks!!!!!

05-16-13, 12:12 PM
Yes. 3.6L DI is the LLT. Same as 2010-2011 camaro.