View Full Version : Vibration in the Steering wheel/ Any Vibration common with big rims w/ small tires

04-03-12, 02:09 PM
If your getting vibration even right after they balance your wheels then 99.9% chance you have a bent wheel. If your wieghts keep falling off then the tire store just isnt cleaning the break dust off properly!! If you are watching them when they balance your wheels then have them spin your wheel without pulling the hood down on the balancer and look at the inside edge of the rim right at where the bead of the tire seats up on the rim and if your wheel is bent you should be able to see it fairly easy. Most often though if you are feeling vibration at lower speeds like 60mph and under then no matter how well the wheel is balanced if you have a bent wheel it wont solve the problem. Then wheel will need to be straightened. Most good tires shouldnt require much wieght to balance the wheel and if so then the you probably got a defective tire. My point is that even if you dont balance a straight wheel with a decent tire you wont really feel to much vibration until you reach higher speeds usually 60mph and up. Also if you are feeling vibration in the steering wheel then it has something to do with a front wheel and if you are feeling it in the seat or floor boards then it would be a rear wheel. Most the time if you have a front wheel bent then a reat is bent as well and that would explain feeling it through out the car.

I am a 4th generation wheel restoration and repair man. I have done wheels for 10 years learning everything I know from my grandfather who has been doing wheels since 1962 and still tunes and trues wire wheels to this day at our shop in N. Hollywood Ca. We have been in business in California for 92 years and I read alot of threads on different forums about vibration and I like to respond to some from time to time offering a little knowledge in the what can cause vibration and what the culprit is almost 90% of the time!! Bent wheels and they can be repaired but most tires shops dont offer this service and as long as your wheel/ tire holds air and can be balanced fairly well they wont tell you that you have a bent wheel. Most of the time this is just do to the fact that the tire technitian doesnt know what he is looking for or at!! Its a huge problem at franchise tire stores that just hire any old joe to remove and install tires. If anyone has any questions about vibration or wheel problems or restoration on any wheel please feel free to email me at any time!! Thanks Chad Stevens - GM - Pico Wheel Service, Inc.