: Wheel backspacing on 1994 Fleetwood

04-03-12, 01:46 AM
hey guys i have a '94 fleetwood and was looking to install so 22s, the wheels in question are +38mm offset they are also 9.5 inches wide, what offset to do i need to have to obtain correct fitment, i was going to use adapters/spacers to make them work, i have read that the fleetwood uses a -10 +10 offset, so if i used a 1inch spacer which is about 25mm that would bring the wheels to a +13mm offset correct? and would that be enough? i can get the wheels for a super good deal so i would really like to make them work any help with wheels sizes from 20s to 22s and the maximum width backspacing would be helpful thanks

johnny kannapo
04-12-12, 02:32 PM
Spacers are always a bad Idea. With 22's that need a 1 inch spacer, there is no correct fitment.

www.tirerack.com would have a wheel fitment calulator.