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04-03-12, 01:03 AM
So my the local dealership wanted 1100 to replace my water pump, states it is bad and I do have a small coolant leak... so, I thoght 1100 sounded pretty steep. I ordered the part and plan on doin it myself... Looks fairly easy, Pump looks like a beast, surprised it would fail with only 70,000 miles on it..
Is it common for these to fail, or is it possible I just have a bad gasket/hose?
Is it more dificult then it looks? is that why the dealer ship wants so much?

And most importantly, Any body have step by step instructions? or just pointers? Replace 1 or 2 belts?
looks prettty damn easy though.
Thanks for any info in advance!

04-03-12, 02:53 AM
I just did mine about 2 weeks ago. It is very straight forward. I replaces my serpentine belt but left the ac belt. Check your harmonic dampener for wobbles before you start. Mine needed to be replaced but i didnt do it and ended up having to pull the radiator again. I pulled the throttle body (3 bolts) radiator( hoses plus 4 evaporator bolts plus 2 top bracket bolts and a small screw holding the ac line on) that screw was the biggest pain in the ass. Take off your maf sensor to get to the screw easier. Then the water pump.is like 6 bolts to get off. Change your thermostat while in there. Other than that it took me about 2.5 hrs. Good luck!

04-03-12, 07:06 AM
See attached.

I like to put the car on Rhino ramps for this task - they allow you to go underneath the car when needed, but don't make the car too high to do the topside work.

I unplug the electric fans but leave them attached to the radiator and remove the radiator/fans as a single piece - the AC condenser stays in the car. (Once you have done this a few times, pulling the radiator can be done in 10 minutes or less.)

Also, there are no transmission coolant lines going to the radiator like those shown in the attachment.

I would replace the AC belt while you are in there since it is inexpensive but hard to get to if it fails later. Whether to replace the serpentine belt depends on its age, both in miles and time.

04-03-12, 08:41 AM
Far more likely that you have a bad gasket/hose/seal than the water pump breaking (IMHO). A lot of V owners have a small coolant leak and this has been a common diagnosis by Cadillac for a while - bad water pump. At 55k miles Caddy wanted to replace my water pump b/c of a small coolant leak (that they couldn't find when doing a pressure test). I decided to hold off on replacing the pump to see if it got any worse. It never did. I saved myself $1100 by just topping off the coolant reservoir every 4-6 months as needed. A bit of a hassle, but way worth the $1100 savings.

04-03-12, 09:46 AM
If you aren't positive that the coolant leak is coming from the water pump, make sure to check your radiator.
Check out this thread about it, but basically the 2004 and early 2005s had issues with the radiator that caused small leaks.

04-03-12, 01:35 PM
Thanks for all the great pointers,
The cadillac dealership could not possible mis diagnois a car could they?? lol
Definitly will look into it if the radiator leaks.
The water pump seems so bad ass doesnt appear it could fail so soon...
Cars power stearing rack also leaking.....=(
Thats next on the agenda, but right now i just top it off every week....

04-03-12, 02:49 PM
Was it just me or was the ac belt a real PITA to get on? I got a direct replacement and had a hell of a time trying to get it in. Maybe find one about 1/2" longer? Just a suggestion maybe darkman could comment on.

04-03-12, 02:58 PM
Was it just me or was the ac belt a real PITA to get on? I got a direct replacement and had a hell of a time trying to get it in. Maybe find one about 1/2" longer? Just a suggestion maybe darkman could comment on.

It has been awhile, but I don't recall any particular problem. I think I just had the local O'Reilly's match the belt.

04-03-12, 03:30 PM
Hmm. Maybe mine was just a tad too short. Or my old one was stretched out alot.

05-20-16, 02:09 PM
Darkman, you happen to have the attachment for the replacement of the water pump still?

05-20-16, 06:15 PM
See attached,