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04-02-12, 11:48 PM
Hello all,

Got this via email from cadillacraceday.com
Is anyone going to this event? Does anyone know how are the seats?
Cadillac Race Day Package
April 13, 2012 - April 15, 2012
One exclusive onsite weekend parking pass to the Cadillac V-Series Corral
Two reserved grandstand tickets
Catered food and beverage including continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the Cadillac V-Series Corral tent
Special meet and greet with Cadillac Racing drivers, Johnny O’Connell and Andy Pilgrim
Guided tour of the Cadillac Paddock to meet Team Cadillac engineers and mechanics
Total price: $125

Your race day packet, including tickets and directions, will be mailed to the address you provide in the following registration page.* Space is limited, so sign up today.


04-03-12, 12:46 PM
I went to the St Pete Grand Prix on 3/25 and was comp'd a pair of general adminssion tickets by the dealer where I got my last two CTSs (face value $50 each). They didn't include paddock passes so that cost $40 each (well worth it). My 15-year old son and I wandered over to the Cadillac Paddock area, got free Cadillac Racing T-shirts, chatted with the mechanics who in turn let us in the roped off paddock area to check out the cars (about 60 minutes before race). Andy Pilgrim dressed in jeans and a red Caddy polo walked over, stuck his hand out and said "Hi, I'm Andy" - caught me off guard as I didn't see him. Chatted for about 5 minutes, took some pictures and he left to put his fire suit on. About 10 minutes later Johnny O'Connell gets in his car, fires it up, gets out and chats with the mechanics and then wanders over to us to chat, take pictures, etc. Very down to earth, and chatty.

We didn't have grandstand seats, but security was happy to let us hang out for a couple of the earlier races - blazing hot sitting in the sun, so wasn't too big of a deal. Spent lots of time chatting with the teams in their paddocks. After the Vs ran, we went back over to the paddock and watch post race inspections, fuel sampling, etc and then went by the V-Corral - probably 30 Vs parked back there. One of the girls pointed out Johnny's black ice Vagon, and I think Andy was said to be driving a V Coupe.

Even if it was $125 each for one day, it would be a deal. Go early in the day and have fun - my kid keeps talking about the fun he had with me - can't put a price on that.

04-03-12, 01:21 PM
Welcome to the forum, Eli. Not sure how the seats are, but if you're planning to go, you should come out and meet some of us @ D3 on Sunday, April 15th. There's are several members that are planning to attend...