: Huge thanks to Joe at Midwest Cadillac Repair

03-31-12, 08:31 PM
Saved my 98 Eldorado from head gasket purgatory! Dropped the car off to him last Saturday, he called me last night and I picked it up today. Drove it 300 miles back home without a single hiccup! Got 27 mpg to boot!

Anyone within a day's driving distance, I'd highly recommend him. I had to tow mine up...5 hour drive up there, 5 hours back. With the supply issue from Jake, I went with Norms inserts over studs. I would have paid the extra money for the studs, but I did not want to wait any longer than necessary, and given the track record with Norm's, I'm not at all concerned.

Couldn't be happier...thanks again Joe!!

Faded Crest
04-02-12, 12:31 AM
Wow, that was a quick fix! Here I am still scraping off the tops of my pistons. :lol:

You are just fine with Norm's... maybe even better off. :thumbsup:

04-02-12, 12:38 AM
Wow, that was a quick fix! Here I am still scraping off the tops of my pistons. :lol:

You are just fine with Norm's... maybe even better off. :thumbsup:

Yeah, I managed to catch him in a lull...he was able to get it right in (think he told me he had 7 in a week before and a few coming up early April). I think having done 150+ of these, he's got the fixin' part down to a science once he starts work on them.

Mine had another test today...after the 300 miles back yesterday (in nice cool weather on flat ground at highway speeds, AC unnecessary), I took it to a town 20 miles away to help my folks shop for a car...90 degree heat, AC on full blast, three people in the car, and a lot of stop and go driving plus two interstate jaunts...never complained a bit.

I'm pretty much ecstatic!

06-02-12, 07:55 PM
I've got a 1999 DeVille headed his way via auto-carrier right now. I heard about him here & after talking to him, arranged to have my car transported to his shop. I will be in Palatine next week to see when he can work on it & learn what it needs.

06-23-12, 04:22 PM
Update: Joe resurrected my 1999 DeVille & I drove it back to N. Alabama from Chicago yesterday. Drove like a top! Great repair & great guy to do business with.

08-03-12, 11:48 AM

Any updates on how your Northstars(s) are running after the head / gasket repair from Joe at Midwest Cadillac?

In advance, thanks.


08-03-12, 01:04 PM
Apparently they all run/ran fine during trips back home..........and practically NO ONE posts that things are wonderful in here - it's all gloom and doom.

What would make a studded/inserted Northstar NOT run well ??? He's at 200+ overhauls of various depths and counting................

08-03-12, 02:02 PM
Joe's got mine torn apart as we speak! #202 . Im getting studded ,I thought it would be best, although I think the inserts would be ok to. I like to drive hard so I thought any extra level of protection I could get would be great . Ive got 3 long trips comming up first one is labor day to Detroit . Ill keep everyone posted but Im confident it will all be good. People are bringing him cars from all over the country and there is usually a wait . I think that speaks for it's self !

08-03-12, 02:34 PM
Dukester, To add to your PM, I called Joe and gave him a heads-up that you might get in touch. He's busier than a cat covering crap.........

08-03-12, 05:11 PM

Thanks, I spoke with Joe, and he said you had give him a heads up . . .

08-08-12, 12:51 PM
dukester sent me a PM asking about the repair, and while it hasn't been quite as long as I tend to like before posting long term results - the car is fantastic. I've put about 4000 miles on it since getting it back from Joe, done a number of interstate runs in this insane heat wave with the AC on full blast (those who saw my original post here know that the issues started showing when the heat touched a whopping 80 degrees), I've had absolutely no reservations about getting on it and cleaning out the cobwebs...everything is as it should be.

Joe is a clear lover of cars and having talked to one of his employees when I picked mine up (as he was out of town), he also takes care of his people. Couldn't ask for a better guy to do business with.

Hope that helps!

08-09-12, 10:43 AM
Just picked my car up from Joe on Saturday right before I left town. I didn't know if it would be ready. So I already had my other car packed. Ill tell you this the car runs great and to copy a phrase, it looks like it never happened. Every bolt, wire, and screw was exactly in the factory position. Unbelieveable if you think of the magnitude of this project. All accessories are working as well. Ill report when i go on my next trip to Detroit labor day weekend. Officially I was job # 201!!

08-09-12, 10:44 AM

Good shops are hard to find!!

08-09-12, 07:53 PM
Joe's got the best kind of advertising: word of mouth. Glad you guys got your cars back to new! Joe, YOU DA MAN!! :worship:

08-23-12, 12:41 PM
Oh, I am all over this..

I'm in southern IL but originally from Chicago, and know where Palatine is; about a 4 hour and some change run, based on traffic in the Chicagoland area and NW suburbs. I'll run my STS up there one weekend and pick it up the next, if he can get it in. Just got off the phone with him and seems like a stand up guy; went through in detail what he does and can't beat the price with a stick. Consider it done, just need the time to get up there.

I only heard of this guy because of this forum, good stuff.

08-23-12, 09:36 PM
You will NOT be dissapointed with Joe. All we've heard is good!

08-28-12, 05:29 PM
Joe did mine about a 11 months ago still running good. Replaced my trans too. Think I need a new cam though

09-06-12, 12:58 PM
Just a follow up on my headgasket job @Midwest #201 took my 640 mile round trip to Detroit last weekend. Here are the facts 80/85+ mph all day ! 206 to 212 coolant temp . 26.1 MPG At 85 degrees out side temp. Cant get better than that ! Additionally if it wasnt for the magnaflow super turbos I would even know the car was running . Tx. Joe

05-02-13, 11:56 PM
My 2001 STS is on its way up to Joe in Palatine tomorrow morning to get the fix in. She overheated on me coming back from Chicago 3 months ago; flushed her out and replaced the coolant and it went away. It's starting to warm up down here in the STL metro area, she overheated on me again 2 days ago and I haven't driven her since. Got on the phone to Joe to work out some details and he told me to bring her on up - my baby will be there sometime tomorrow evening on the back of a trailer. I knew I was taking a risk buying a N* equipped Caddy, but I knew that going in; I was hooked the first time I drove it..

Now, if I could get my other Seville up and running again..

Thank again to all you Caddy aficianados here in the forums.


05-03-13, 12:16 AM
Joe will take care of your baby. Hes a great guy and an awesome mechanic. Are you studding or NormSerting her innards?

05-04-13, 03:08 PM
I talked to Joe yesterday; the car made it to him just fine, he said. He also said that in the 250 Cadillacs that he's done so far, he can think of maybe ten of those getting studs rather than the inserts; there is a 250 dollar price difference but he said they essentially do the same thing. A matter of preference, he remarked. I'll go with the inserts.

250 cars...wow, the word must be really getting out!

05-04-13, 09:51 PM
He has had people come from as far as Colorado and one of the Dakotas if I remember correctly.

05-05-13, 09:57 PM
Yeah, I was the Dakotas guy. I had my '97 ETC trailered to MCR in August. Studded it w/NSP studs. When it was done, Joe picked me up at O'Hare and I drove it home. Good guy. Treated me right. Fixed a few other items while it was there.
That was about 7,000 miles ago. No problems. In fact, just drove across the state and back this weekend (700 miles).
I will likely take my STS to him as well at some point.
As a side note............Anybody got studs from Jake lately? I called NSP and they said they were not having any production isssues anymore.

05-06-13, 08:32 AM
I have gotten 2 sets in the last two weeks

05-06-13, 10:12 PM
Glad to hear Jake weathered his growing pains.

11-22-16, 05:02 PM
I have two buddies who had cars rebuilt by Joe and one who bought a car from Joe.

Friend 1 has a 1999 Deville done in July of 2016 and its perfect! Joe found some timing issues with the car and took care of them before they got worse.

Friend 2 has a 1998 Eldorado done October of 2016, he drove it back to Maryland with no problems.

I know Joe personally and always have gone to him when I needed help with my Eldo, when it comes time, I trust him with the Headbolt/Headgasket repair.