: Brake pad rotor change

03-30-12, 11:29 PM
Hey need some help on changing my pads and rotors like a video on how to do it. Also any brands that people like would be nice. It's the 2008 CTS4 thanks guys!

03-30-12, 11:43 PM
I'm about to do EBC 3GD rotors and RedStuff pads on my 08 DI AWD...

03-31-12, 06:45 AM
#1 pick one forum to post in. Not all 3
#2 depending on model of car some pads will not be offered. If you have an 08 with normal suspension for I stance hawk pads can only be had for the rear.

03-31-12, 03:24 PM
Have the EBC red stuff on my coupe w/summer tire pkg.

04-05-12, 10:02 AM
I just put EBC Yellow on my wagon yesterday and calipers/bracket on CTS have much less clearance to pullout / put in pads than other GM vehicles I've seen. When I change my pads on my vette, it takes me aobut 20-30 minutes to do front sets, including lifting the car, taking off wheels, and all, without any power tools. It took me good one hour to do one side of front yesterday, mainly because it was so hard to put in the new pads into the right position on caliper bracket. (I guess some would say tighter fit is better build quality..)
I had to take both bolts out on the caliper (I usually unscrew the top bolt only on my vette and the pads kind of just 'fall out' themselves), find a spot to support caliper (never leave the caliper hanging on the brake fluid line!! - I used jack stand to support it), put the screw drivers between pad and rotor to wiggle it out, and fight the clearance to put back in the new pads.

My choice of pads, EBC Yellow is for the track - that's right.. I'm going to run Caddy wagon on track this weekend to damage some people's ego. :p
EBC Yellow pads are not the complete racing pads - They can be used on the streets as well, but do just fine on the track too. (they don't stop as well as HP+ or DTCs but Yellow will outlast them and you don't have to change it out to come home.)
Anyway,,, I don't think you were looking for pads to run your caddy on the track. (I know.. I'm the weird one. I usually run track with Vette, but this time, I have my own reason)
For normal everyday driving, EBC Red or Hawk HPS would be good pads. If you hate dusts and you don't brake aggressively, then ceramic pads would be good choice.