: Featured Vehicle Spotlight: The Night Hawk by D3

Dr. Design
03-30-12, 09:56 PM
The Night Hawk by D3

Signal Hill CA, March 15th, 2012 The Night Hawk by D3 is ready to enter service with a deployment on the west coast for active duty starting immediately.

The D3 Group’s Night Hawk has completed the demonstration phase of developement in key locations (a.k.a. racetracks) on the west coast in preparation for full engagement with European and Japanese manufactured counterparts. The training regimen consisted of several war-game scenarios acted out with The Patriot Missle by D3. Deployment of The Night Hawk is an effort to help protect the Western Seaboard throughout key racetracks and destroy any “on ground” threat that would hinder track supremacy.









The F-117 NIGHT HAWK was developed by the USAF in 1975 to deploy a ground attack bomber that could not be detected by the most advanced radar systems. The plane had to be stealth and have long range speed to be to seek and eliminate any enemy ground attack efforts without detection. D3 has taken similar design cues, as the USAF, to create a vehicle that has taken combat-proven technology and integrated it into the CTS-V platform. The result of this action is a CTS-V equipped with the best aftermarket components that have long range reliability, speed, agility and aerodynamics to go up against the world’s top manufactured vehicles and their aftermarket tuning equipment.

The Night Hawk was designed, developed, tested and trained deep within D3’s Motorsport Laboratory. The CTS-V was immediately taken to the Advanced Devolvement Division of the motorsport lab, which is frequently talked about, but rarely seen until the reveal of such completed projects. D3 went to straight to their shelves to include its most advanced components using the finest materials and design to create and test the most powerful and agile vehicle in its class on the track. D3 first addressed the cooling system in the vehicle, by adding a few components to keep all vital fluids at optimum operating temperatures. The factory radiator was removed right away and replaced with a D3 Competition Radiator, an all aluminum unit, using superior materials and aggressive core material dedicated to transferring unwanted heat to the ambient air. From there, D3 moved to the engines intercooler system, removing the factory intercooler and pump and replaced it with their Ultracooler with a larger capacity and pump that cycles over 20 gal. per minute. Moving along D3 next added a D3/Setrab Transmission Cooler which allows for a higher rate of fluid cooling thus allowing your vehicle to maintain high speeds for a longer duration of time. And last, but certainly not least, D3 added their Differential Cooler, to keep that differential cool while under extreme stress. Once the engine’s cooling system was deemed fit for an increase of power, D3 went to work on the power plant. The main objective here, was to increase power without decreasing the vehicles lifespan. The performance equipment that was upgraded is a larger crank pulley, supercharger lid spacer, larger throttle body, ported supercharger housing and inlet, headers and X-pipe, mufflers and supplemental mufflers, upgraded spark plugs and wires and a custom ECU mapping to tie all these parts together. All these upgrades resulted in a 35% increase in power without decreasing the engines capacity, giving the Night Hawk enough power to overtake anything in its way on a straight away.

The team at D3 was pleased with the additional power and had to decide how to control all that power. D3 knows the importance of agility and the ability to safely move a 4200 lb sedan around any dangers that may impede the combat zone. The Night Hawk was designed to agile as much as powerful to approach its target quickly and without noticed. D3 equipped the Night Hawk with KW V.3 coilovers built to their specs and settings. Why stop there? In addition, D3 sway bars, brake lines, upgraded rotors and brake pads, chassis bracing and adjustable endlinks. All these components contribute to the lethal agility that adds to the stealth attributes of this vehicle. D3 chose the Toyo R888 tires in a square 295 set up to properly adhere the load to the tarmac, while the CTS-V is pushing through sharp turns evading enemy obstacles, the Night Hawk is has the finely tuned equipment to make any turn a sight in the rearview mirror.

The Night Hawk prides itself on its stealth features to provide the cover it needs to invade enemy territory and strike without detection. The vehicle is finished with radar jamming matte black finish on its side panels doors and panels. To give it the down force it needs to hug the track, D3 added its front lip splitter, rear diffuser and a D3/APR rear wing. The only time you will be to see the features of the Night Hawk is in-between missions tucked away in a hangar.

The Night Hawk is a special edition vehicle built on the GM Sigma II Platform better known as the 2010 CTS-V Sedan. This purpose built vehicle is designed to showcase the potential of D3’s manufactured parts, components, and overall performance vehicle solutions for combat usage.

The Night Hawk looks forward to the race season in 2012; using the top technology this vehicle will defend the West Coast from unwanted threats while using the best components available.

For more information about this build, please visit: http://www.d3cadillac.com/feature-vehicles/nighthawk

About The D3 Group

Headquartered in Signal Hill, CA less than 5 minutes from Long Beach Airport – The D3 Group has been at the cutting edge of technology and design since the inception of the V Series in 2005. D3’s product development has grown to become world’s only full line tuning program for Cadillac. The D3 Tuning Program encompasses power kits, competition track ready suspension kits and functional competition aerodynamic components that can be seen the world over competing in various levels of motorsport and racing. For more information on The D3 Group’s Cadillac Tuning Program please visit www.d3cadillac.com


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Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

03-31-12, 03:26 PM
Hahaha, I love Bob's car but there is nothing "stealthy" about that wing or the monstrousness of the car generally! It telepgraphs "bad intentions" to everyone else on the grid. It's been simply unstoppable at the Challenge events. Great work!