: Featured Vehicle Spotlight: The Patriot Missile by D3

Dr. Design
03-30-12, 09:46 PM
The Patriot Missile by D3

Signal Hill CA, March 5th, 2012 the Patriot Missile by D3 is set for deployment to New York for active duty, effective immediately.

The D3 Group’s Patriot Missile has completed the successful initial basic & tactical training in key locations (a.k.a. racetracks) on the west coast in preparation for full engagement with European and Japanese manufactured counterparts. The training regimen consisted of several war-game scenarios acted out with The Night Hawk CTS-V by D3. Deployment of the Patriot Missile is an effort to help protect the Eastern Seaboard throughout key racetracks and dispose of any unwanted threats for on track supremacy.










The evolution of the original PATRIOT Air Defense Missile System in 1976 has become the world’s most advanced tactical air and missile defense system. Much like the original Patriot Missile, the combat-proven system is affordable and reliable and can be integrated into the current CST-V architecture. It was only fit to take a Cadillac CTS-V and outfit it with the most advanced aftermarket components to take on track threats from the world’s most advanced manufacturers of high performance vehicles.

The tactical strategy sessions started immediately when the CTS-V arrived from New York for basic training. After the D3 Group looked over the vehicle, their team quickly initiated the game plan for installing the most advanced aftermarket components available for the CTS-V application. For this D3, pulled of their shelves only their finest products and started the vehicles basic training program. First the car needed to have the fitness required for combat, so D3 started with the vehicles cooling system. The factory radiator was quickly removed for a purpose built all aluminum unit utilizing superior materials and an aggressive core material dedicated to transferring unwanted heat to the ambient air. D3 didn’t stop there as they moved on to the engines intercooler system and removed the factory unit to have it replaced by the incredibly large intercooler, complete with upgraded intercooler fluid pump. This would allow the vehicle to stay at standard operating temperature at all times regardless of work load the vehicle was seeing during combat. Why all the attention to heat transfer? D3 knew that the Patriot Missile would need to be more than just agile to defeat its enemies, it needed to be FAST and POWERFUL. The CTS-V Sedan was outfitted with all the performance equipment from D3 in terms of safely increasing the vehicles performance output without decreasing the lifespan of the Patriot Missile. The power plant was upgraded with a larger crank pulley, ported supercharger housing and inlet, headers & x-pipe, upgraded spark plugs, wires, and custom computer ECU mapping to tie it all together. The result was a healthy increase of 30% more power without any decrease in efficiency. The Patriot Missile was now powerful enough to pass anything in combat in a straight line.

What’s all that power without control? The team at D3 knows about agility and how to get the 4200 lbs sedan to avoid dangers on the combat field. The Patriot Missile was fitted with the KW V.3 coilovers built to D3 specifications and settings. Combine that with the D3 Sway Bars, brakelines, chassis bracing, and adjustable endlinks, there was little doubt about how agile the CTS-V sedan would be in combat. To make sure that entire load was properly adhering to the tarmac; D3 selected the Toyo R888 tires in a square 295 setup to keep the vehicle planted while carving the corners. So just in case the enemy thinks they can avoid capture by out maneuvering through turns and twists, the Patriot Missile is more than well equipped to handle any challenge.

Low key operation is the key to success. The unassuming nature of the vehicle provides the perfect cover for tactical strikes. The only tip acknowledging the vehicles performance is the Matte Silver center section outlined by the blue pinstripe and matching blue brake calipers. Assuming you get close enough to see those features before engaging the Patriot Missile into combat, it won’t make much difference once you identify it.

The Patriot Missile is a special edition vehicle built on the GM Sigma II Platform better known as the 2010 CTS-V Sedan. This purpose built vehicle is designed to showcase the potential of D3’s manufactured parts, components, and overall performance vehicle solutions for combat usage.

The Patriot Missile looks forward to the race season in 2012; using the top technology this vehicle will defend the East Coast from unwanted threats while using the best components available.


About The D3 Group

Headquartered in Signal Hill, CA less than 5 minutes from Long Beach Airport – The D3 Group has been at the cutting edge of technology and design since the inception of the V Series in 2005. D3’s product development has grown to become world’s only full line tuning program for Cadillac. The D3 Tuning Program encompasses power kits, competition track ready suspension kits and functional competition aerodynamic components that can be seen the world over competing in various levels of motorsport and racing. For more information on The D3 Group’s Cadillac Tuning Program please visit www.d3cadillac.com

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

03-30-12, 11:42 PM
Thanks D3 for treating Team CTSV Racing like family being lucky enough to spend time in Calf. was awesome. We can not wait to get out to the tracks back home, our first event will be at NJ Lightning April 22 it is going to be insane.


03-31-12, 03:50 PM
Hey Alan, it's been great fun racing with you! How do you cope as a New Yorker with "patriot" as your car's moniker as opposed to "jet"?! :-) (too early for nfl humor I know)

03-31-12, 07:28 PM
Hey Alan, it's been great fun racing with you! How do you cope as a New Yorker with "patriot" as your car's moniker as opposed to "jet"?! :-) (too early for nfl humor I know)You make a good point LOL but really had great time in Calf. I guess my next track car will be JET xxx

03-31-12, 07:31 PM
Jets suck.

03-31-12, 07:37 PM
Jets suck.Cant please everyone how about Giants

03-31-12, 07:40 PM
Love them Giants...

03-31-12, 07:53 PM
Love them Giants...Are you joining us on April 22