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03-30-12, 03:59 PM
I just wanted to express my disappointment in my local dealership . I recently bought a certified 09 cts DI awd that was shipped from Michigan. Before I bought the car I had given up wanting a backup camera because my payments would be more. Then I drove one with a backup camera and I LOVED IT it had indicators that moved with the steering wheel to help position the car. So I gave in and told them I want the same exact backup camera that was on that car. So I get it back today and it is a block of a backup camera with no indicators it's very snowy and grainy in low light. It has to be the cheapest one they have. He also told me the discoloration on the black pillars between the windows would come clean and that he would sit with me when I got my onstar and get me extra free time on onstar . Never happened . They fixed my saggy seats and I found bubbling on the paint of the hood which they said they would take care of but the paint is chipping on the black pillars between the windows as well as discoloration . This car only has 31k miles on it. I love the car but now every time I look at that huge block of a back up camera that I didn't want I can't help but feel I got screwed. There r other things they promised as well.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-03-12, 12:42 PM
I'm sorry to read that you haven't been satisfied with your dealership, tnsong. I just wanted to make sure my understanding of everything is correct:

The car did not come with a back-up camera, but you requested that one be added and are dissatisfied with the quality of the camera that was put on

There is discoloration on the pillars between the windows

You were promised additional time with OnStar, but this has yet to be added

We can set up a formal Service Request through our department if you would like for this to be logged officially, and from there we can look into some of the concerns you have. Please send us a private message here on the forum with more information, including: your name, address, and phone number(s), last 8 of the vehicle's VIN and current approximate mileage, and the name of your dealership.

Kind regards,
Sarah (Assisting Katie)
Cadillac Customer Service

04-05-12, 12:08 AM
Sorry for my ignorance but how do I private message you? I tried and it says I don't have permission.

04-05-12, 02:36 AM
Here is all the info . I will give you my personal info when I can find out how to private message you or email you. Thank you for being here to listen.

VIN# 1G6DH577490141258

1.I wasn't going to even get the back up camera then I test drove a cts they had on the lot and i LOVED the back up camera on the car because it wasn't huge like most rear view back up cameras and it had a feature that showed guide lines and it moved with the steering wheel to show you where you are headed . I asked several times to make sure it was the same rear view camera that was on the one i drove and was assured it would be the same one. When I got the car back and saw the huge box like rear view camera with just a camera (which is very grainy and snowy in dimmed light) and no guidance system with moving brackets hooked to the steering wheel.

2.I was also told by the salesman the discoloration and scratch marks on the pillars between the windows would all come out and after i got it back it looked worse than it did before.

3.Before I signed the papers the salesman told me that he could get me extra time on my onstar by being there with me when we had it turned on. When I came back (for the rear view camera installed. I asked him and he said they didnt do that anymore. also said i would get extra time for free because it was a "certified" vehicle. Never happened . The onstarr people didn't know what I was talking about.

4.Before I signed and we were in the "negotiating stage" we were doing the numbers and WITHOUT the backup camera my payment after trading in my truck was going to be $383 a month . WITH the camera it was going to be $398( they said it was a $1200 option). I told them I didn't want the backup camera. Then I test drove a car WITH the one I told you about with the Guidance system hooked to the steering wheel and decided I wanted that camera. So I told them I would do the deal if I got THAT rear camera at cost which they said was $975. So I said I'd do that. When we got to the back room and I started signing papers I stopped and asked him to make sure what my monthly payments would be .........$417 a month . I was shocked . So….. yesterday with the camera installed it was $398 and today with me getting the camera at cost its $417. I had to threaten to walk away before they came back down to under $400.

5.I bought this car because it was "certified" and was told of the 6 year 100,000 warranty . the car only had 31,691 miles on it and its an 09. so we joked about how i had 3 more years left on my vehicle and around 70k miles of bumper to bumper warranty. Then after I had already signed everything the guy said "Mr Wallin I want to make sure you know that you only have about a year and a half left on your warranty." He said because they go by the date the car is built? or something like that. anyway ..

6.The Paint on the car on the hood is bubbling and flaking and they assured me they would fix it when I brought it in next. they also fixed the badly stretched seats which I am thankful for but they havn't mentioned the discolored black pillars or the spot on the drivers side handle or the 1 inch by 4 inch spot next to the gas cap that looks like they missed it with a paint gun.

7. When I test drove the actual car I was going to buy the first thing I did was check the average gas mileage and it said 17.2 mpg. My huge truck I was trading it got that. The salesman assured me that his words "there is no way that this car only gets 17mpg. its because its calculated in with all the stops." after I bought it my average is 17.5mpg. I still love the car but it doesn't get the mileage I was told it would be getting and I was expecting.

This is my first Caddy and I love the car itself. You wont find me complaining anywhere else on the web. I am not one who complains on all the forums. One or two of these problems wouldn't have been enough for me to write this but all of them together is a little much for me. It isn't about the car having scratches or bad paint or the mirror i didn't want. Its about me being told they would do something and being promised the world and not getting it. If they couldn't do something I wished they would have just told me before I signed the papers and I might have made a different decision . I am more disappointed in the rear view mirror and the pillars and paint problems than anything. But put that together with all the other stuff and makes it hard really hard not to think i was duped in several ways...

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-05-12, 10:47 AM
Hi tnsong, thank you so much for that detailed information! I have noticed there is a number-of-posts-requirement before private messaging capabilities are enabled, so please email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com and we can discuss your options. (I have noted you information, so if you would like to delete any of the above post please feel free to do so!)

Cadillac Customer Service

04-28-12, 09:46 PM
Hello I was just wondering what ever happened? Did you ever contact Crest Cadillac?