: Will trade for Recaro seats

03-29-12, 04:38 PM
Im looking for the person that finds their seats unconfortable and hard to adjust. I race my car and need the extra side support. My seats are in great shape and make getting in and out of the car easy. Please send me a message or call me at 210 601-5313

03-29-12, 09:53 PM
What Color Sir?

03-31-12, 03:13 AM
No one has done it successfully and posted on this site yet. I know, I've been looking for the first person to do it. One person (commander?) tried it and found the the seats were from a preproduction car, and that parts were missing. Of course, he's moved on to a new V. I have tried sourcing Recaros through junk yards and nothing has come of it, no one returns calls or emails when I ask about it. I don't want race seats, I want the OEM Recaros as well. I also don't want to swap cars, mine has been good to me and I don't want a new car yet.

03-31-12, 07:55 AM
this has been talked about before but i dont remember it being done before. if you are serious about racing you can add a racing seat that is designed for that purpose. The stock reacros look nice, and feel stiff but is really just a glorified stock seat with a large price tag on it.

Contact CTSV Racing for seating options.


If by 'racing' you mean go out to do some autocross once a month, I could see the swap. However, if by 'racing' you mean, it's on a course more often than public roads, yeah, you should get a real seat and live with the airbag light.

Afaik, it's a direct swap though.

03-31-12, 01:00 PM
Yes, I did do a swap and found that I had preproduction seats that did not have a seat belt pretensioner installed in them. The seats bolt right in and will work with all functions except cooling which will require changing the whole center stack and probably a flash to the computer to turn on the cooling function.

04-02-12, 10:29 AM
They are Black